Dockage Rates

20' Dock $600.00 (no E/W)
30' Finger Docks $750.00 (no E/W)
30' Docks (Pier 2) $775.00 (no E)
30' Docks (Pier 2) $1050.00 (+E/W)
30' Docks (Pier 1 & 2) $1100.00 (+ E/W)
40' Docks $1550.00 (+ E/W)
46' Floating Docks $1650.00 (+ E/W)

In addition to the above rates, electrical charges will be made according to the following schedule:

Electric Rates

Boat Length Seasonal Charge

Minimum $20.00
20'-24' $30.00
25'-30' $50.00
31'-36' $100.00
37'-40' $125.00
41'-45' $250.00




15'-19' Minimum $40.00
20'-25' $2.00/ft.
26'-33' $3.00/ft.
34'-40' $4.00/ft.
41'-44' $6.00/ft.
45'-49' $8.00/ft.
50'-55' & up $12.00/ft.

Change Oil and Filter

$35.00 per engine plus oil and filter.
$50.00 per engine if owner supplies materials.

Diesel Engine- standard labor rate plus materials.

Outdrive Service

Drain and replace unit oil- $35.00 plus lubricants used.
Remove and grease "U" joints $70.00
Note: MerCruiser & OMC Cobra only.

Battery Charging

Charge $20.00 each
Remove and charge $20.00 each plus labor

Bottom Painting

24' and under $3.00/ft.
25'-27' $3.25/ft
28'-31' $3.50/ft
32'-36' $4.00/ft
37'-39' $4.50/ft
40+ $5.00/ft

Customer specifies color of paint. Paint and cleaning supplies will be billed extra. Rates apply to each service. Sanding and prep extra. Unpainted by quote.

Hull Clean and Wax

Services provided by professional marine maintenance companies. Call office for pricing and scheduling.

Summer Inside Storage

Jet Skis & Inflatables $145.00/unit

Summer Inside Storage Rates

15-25 feet $18.00 per ft.
26-29 feet $22.00 per ft.
30-39 feet $30.00 per ft.
40 plus $38.00 per ft.

Summer Dryland Storage

Weekly $18.00
Monthly $60.00
Season $260.00

Summer Season: May 1 to October 15

Trailer Storage

No trailers are permitted outside.
Inside summer storage- $100.00

Guest Dockage

$1.25/per foot/per day
(minimum $20.00 per day)

Winter Lay-up Charges

Clean Bottom
Pressure Scrub Bottom $2.50/ft.
Hand-scrub no longer available due to government regulations.

Engine Lay-up

Single Engine $110.00
Twin Engine $195.00
Generator $60.00

Winterize Heads

Winterize Heads $30.00
Pump out by Marina $25.00

Winterize Water Systems

Cold water only* $40.00
Hot & cold* $60.00
* plus materials
Washdown Pumps $20.00
Air Conditioners $35.00

Battery Storage

Remove and maintain charge $40.00 each
Disconnect and leave in boat N/C

Inside Winter Storage

$3.00 per sq. ft, 42 ft. and up $3.25 (length x beam) including bow pulpits, swim platforms, dinghies and outdrives. Includes transporation to and from building to hoist. This does not include hoisting.

Outside Winter Storage

15'-25' $12.00/ft
26'-29' $15.00/ft
30'-39' $20.00/ft
40+ $25.00/ft
Shrink wrap by estimate.

Inside Storage on Owner's Trailer

Only available for boats up to 24' with no more than 8' beam. Length of boat + trailer $18.00/ft.


For boats without cradles, ad the following labor charge (all materials furnished by the Marina):
32' and under $4.00/ft.
33' + $6.00/ft.

Dock Boxes

Storage inside includes pickup and delivery $60.00

Dock boxes and dinghies are not permitted to be stored under boats in storage

R.V. Parking

Not permitted on piers. Only in designated areas for dockers only. (Class A & C motor homes only)

Hook up- $25.00
Dockside pump out $25.00
Fridays by appointment. Must be notified by Thursday p.m.

  1. This price list is not an offer to sell either merchandise or services and is published for information only. Prices subject to change without notice.
  2. Winter storage rates apply to May 15th. Summer storage will be billed on boats not launched by June 15th.
  3. Buildings and yards are closed to the public from December 15th until March 15th. No one will be admitted.
  4. Insurance regulations prohibit the use of electricity, flammable material or smoking in any building.
  5. Storage rates include hauling from lift to building or yard. Rates do not include lift, scrub, or other services.
  6. All boats stored inside must have the batteries removed or disconnected for storage. We cannot be responsible for carpets if we are to remove carpets in place.







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